Legeant is an electrical panel industry for more than 25 years. Legeant is also a Lebanese LED lighting brand manufactured in China.





High quality electrical panels customized, and manufactured to meet any design and application. Any metal enclosure or generator sound proof canopy can be manufactured.



Standard electrical panels designed with various characteristics for different application and environments.


All our panels are manufactured in Legeant factory near Jbeil city, Lebanon. The factory has now acquired a new, state of the art, first of its kind in Lebanon, CNC Polyurethane Gasket spreading machine. All enclosures are now being manufactured with a polyurethane gasket providing a perfect seal and greater protection.


Legeant has also an environmental branch, legeant plus, specializing in solar photovoiltaic projects and LED lighting projects. legeant plus is an engineering company that designs, engineers, supplies, and executes soalr PV and LED lighting projects.